The Perfect Time is Now!

I have a confession to make… I am a perfectionist, this does not mean I am perfect in all that I do, quite the contrary actually, it often prevents me from doing something until everything is perfect, so not a lot gets done at all. Last week for example I finally hung some photos on the wall of my family that have been in a pile on the floor in various places around the house over the last 20 years, yes I did say 20 years!!! Hidden between the lounge chairs, stacked beside the bar gathering dust, waiting for… “perfection”. The (perfect) right frames, someone to teach me the (perfect) right way to put them up, the (perfect) right way to arrange them, the (perfect) spacing… all of those perfects never happened, so I dusted them off grabbed a hammer & some nails & within an hour they were on the wall… definitely not looking perfect but you know what? I have enjoyed them in all of their imperfection all week. I love that they are finally off the ground & I love even more that I have family photos on the wall sort of like I always imagined & I enjoy them, even though the frames, spacing, nails etc aren’t perfect.
This is just one example of what I have fought most of my adult life. It seems that as soon as I became a Mum, everything had to be perfect, of course it didn’t but this is how I felt. If everything wasn’t perfect then neither was I & in my head this equalled failure, how sad & how much time have I wasted… way too much. Over the years I have let it go bit by bit, but like everything in life, its a process & every time I achieve letting go of another unimportant thing I am encouraged to move on to the next thing, to rid myself of the next little “imperfection” 😉
So this is just a reminder to Me & to all of You who are frozen by the need for things to be just right, your photos are on the floor not being enjoyed, your children are growing up while you are cleaning the bathroom perfectly, you are missing out on fun whilst you are waiting for the “perfect time” to go on that holiday/change jobs/throw out all of that unnecessary junk/leave that bad relationship, start exercising…there is no perfect time… when you go & do it, it will be the perfect time for you!
One of my favourite quotes this year & mantra to live by is “A year from now you’ll wish you had started today” So go on, do it now, don’t waste another minute! 🙂
& here are some beautiful reminders from our family & friends this year of how quickly things change, engagements, graduations, first jobs, formals, L plates… & of course my gloriously imperfect photo wall.
Enjoy your beautiful imperfect moments, each & every one ♥

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  • Lee

    How true. A little bit of that in all of us. I love your “wall”. It looks great.
    Happy 2013 and hopefully take one little step rather than focus on the whole picture. Lots of love. XxxxReplyCancel

  • Merrin

    Reading your blog is like reading my own life…right down to the pictures that are on the floor beside me as I type!! I too have no family photos on the wall and only recently had some enlarged, waiting for that perfect frame which was never found. They aren’t on the wall yet but a couple have found it into frames and are sitting on the dining table waiting for me to find that perfect place on the right wall to hang them… :-/

    btw, love the photography and the blog design.

    Happy New Year Kim xReplyCancel