About Me

Some of my favourite times are spent with family laughing, talking, remembering & sharing the memories in our photos. We recently inherited my Nan’s treasure chest (old suitcase) which holds our family history of photos some well over a hundred years old, with beautiful old fashioned curly writing on the back telling us which auntie & uncle this is from left to right & still in such beautiful condition. Some of the photos & stories are about people I will never meet, but through their memories & the photos, they become part of my story too. Now I am able to share them with my children, as they will with theirs for many generations to come.

Our beautiful life stories are so important. Through my photography, I love to help you tell your own beautiful story & keep these moments alive forever. To be able to look at a photo & be taken back to that time & feel the joy of such a wonderful day or the love of a person or the beauty of a moment shared or the pride of a wonderful achievement is priceless

Everyone has a story, I can’t wait to help you tell yours!
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